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Donald Trump’s joke about dating a little girl is creeping everyone out

Donald Trump’s “locker room talk” with Billy Bush was just the start of a string of unpleasant scandals to take place this week — another report claims that he walked in on naked teenagers during the Miss Teen USA pageants and inappropriately touched two women. So, the last thing Trump needs is another damning report.

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Yet here it is. Resurfaced footage from 1992, which was aired by CBS News on Wednesday, Oct. 12, has been making people feel very awkward. In the clip, which was shot by Entertainment Tonight for a Christmas feature filmed at the Trump Tower in New York City, Trump can be heard speaking to a little girl in a pink jacket.

He says to her, “Going up the escalator?” To which she responds with, “yeah.” You can then see her going up the escalator, and it’s what happens next that has everyone talking — Trump says, “I am going to be dating her in 10 years. Can you believe it?”

Um, what just happened? Twitter is willing to give you a few answers.

Another Twitter user revealed that the reason these comments are so creepy is because it appears (even though his comment was made in jest) that Trump is assessing a little girl.

Imagine how you’d feel if someone said that about your daughter? Inappropriate, right?

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