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Episode 5 better not be all the Evan Peters we get in AHS: Roanoke

Evan Peters has finally arrived in American Horror Story: Roanoke, and I’m honestly not sure what to make of his role as Edward Mott, the man who built the murder house.

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It’s clever, of course, as always, but he didn’t seem to have a broad space in Roanoke aside from his brief moment of helping Shelby, Matt and Flora escape the murder house thanks to the tunnels he had built.

Knowing how creator Ryan Murphy has handled the show and Peters’ history in the series, this will be the first of a big arch for Peters, who has been on the show since Season 1 and is one of the only cast members to appear in every season. But where will his story go?

His character clearly had ties to Hotel, as is the pattern of this season. Like Peters’ character Mr. March in Hotel, Mott built the murder house. Mr. March, you will remember, built the Hotel Cortez. He is also playing another ghost. Unlike last season, though, it seems that this season, Peters will be one of the good guys.

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Let’s just go ahead and assume that Matt and Shelby are going to be dumb again and return to the house despite every reason possible indicating that they should stay away. Will Mott be the one to save them once again?

Really, beyond Mott’s character, I’m just excited to see where Roanoke is headed in general. Next episode is the episode we were promised would be the shocking turning point in the season. Something’s about to go down, and cast and crew have promised our minds will be blown.

I’m wondering if maybe the Matt and Shelby we see talking to the cameras are dead. Who are they talking to? Could they be in some kind of purgatory?

I also think Murphy intend to break the fourth wall this season by bringing the ghost to that interview-style setup. Those characters aren’t going to be sitting and talking to an unknown person all season. There’s no way!

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I feel like I have bits and pieces of what’s to come, but the full picture is still one big blur of AHS: Roanoke. T minus six days until it’s going down, and I can’t wait.

How do you think Evan Peters’ character Mr. Mott will play into the rest of American Horror Story Season 6?

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