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We love all the Bad Lip Reading videos so much, we ranked them

You guys, the people behind the Bad Lip Reading YouTube channel are pure genius. Time after time, they perfectly dub and edit their way to hilarious lip-reading perfection.

We’re totally addicted, so we reviewed Bad Lip Reading’s greatest hits and ranked them for your viewing pleasure. Take a look, and then let us know what your favorite videos are!

11. “High School Musical

We could watch baby Zac Efron jump around singing that silly basketball song all day long.

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10. “Twilight”

Probably shouldn’t say this out loud, but the Twilight franchise might have actually been watchable had all the movies really been like this.

9. “More Hunger Games”

Turns out the BLR crew are the only ones who can make Jennifer Lawrence seem more adorably spastic than she can.

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8. “Bernie & Hillary”

With glorious little nuggets like, “Cokeheads! What are you gonna do? Gotta love Bernie boy, he’s crazy!” this is a video no American should miss.

7. “Star Wars”

We always knew that Darth Vader was probably the Anthony Weiner of outer space. Lesson learned, Princess Leia; don’t ever give out your personal info to random evil dudes.

6. “Ted Cruz”

His “I made a hole and then barfed on the beach song” is priceless, if for no other reason than the fact that his daughters look so uncomfortable sitting on his lap. Also, the very well-placed Gollum-like noises coming from Cruz throughout the video look a little too authentic coming from him.

5. “Redneck Avengers: Tulsa Nights”

OK, we love Chris Hemsworth’s Australian accent, but hearing him talk with a hillbilly twang just felt so… right.

4. “NFL 2015”

“This is the only thing sports-related I will willingly watch,” YouTuber Rachel Freeman wrote in the comments for this one, and cards on the table — same goes for me.

Well, unless it’s…

3. “NFL 2016: Part One”

This is exactly how we imagine all the sideline talks really go down. Especially when the player says, “Hey, you gotta lick it,” about his bloody elbow.

2. “The Walking (And Talking) Dead”

It’s official: The saddest face in the world belongs to Glenn right after he’s been fart-shamed.

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1. “Debate Night!”

The Bad Lip Reading version of the first 2016 presidential debate is total gibberish, but still makes a million times more sense than what actually happened. And it’s hilarious, as opposed to terrifying, like the real thing — so it’s definitely our No. 1 Bad Lip Reading video to date.

Now tell us: What’s your favorite Bad Lip Reading video?

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

donald trump quotes slideshow
Image: Alex Wong/Getty Images

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