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Nick and Sonia have some sweet but challenging moments on Married at First Sight

This week, Nick and Sonia are still living apart. Nick tells the camera that he is confused and not sure how to move forward with this change, and that he wants to try living with Sonia again.Dr. Pepper Schwarz, one of the show’s experts, suggests to Sonia that she may want to consider moving back in but Sonia isn’t sure yet.

Nick and Sonia are given exercises by Schwartz to practice getting to know each other. The questions are designed to get them to get vulnerable with each other. They work: Nick is able to open up with some feelings and thoughts. But later he appears frustrated that his improvements haven’t made her want to move back in with him yet.Sonia tells the camera that she has to move at her own pace.She decides that she wants her father’s input and has him go by the house with Nick to see what he thinks.The father makes an excellent point that each of them should want to be together for ever.They are each choosing the relationship and need to want this relationship in order for it work.

My thought is that Sonia should absolutely only move back when she feels emotionally comfortable.While I think the experts make the argument that marriage can only grow when two people live together,I’m not so sure this marriage would fare any better if she moved back in so quickly.I believe that if they were doing well as a couple, it would naturally allow for them to develop a relationship that becomes closer.Just by putting them together under the same roof will not create any more connection.I would be more concerned with helping Nick to learn to accept where she is at emotionally and not push for a change in the living arrangement because he would like her to live back at home. He needs to focus on her emotional comfort more than his own.But that takes a lot of emotional maturity to realize the needs of the other over self.

There’s a sweet moment where Nick teaches Sonia how to play golf and she appears to feel that this brings them closer together. She tells the camera that her perception is changing and she feels that she might move back in. So, we will see next week what is to come.

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