The Voice coaches made a huge mistake not saving Ethan Tucker

Oct 12, 2016 at 1:15 a.m. ET
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This season's batch of contestants on The Voice is exceptionally talented. This is both good and bad, for, while the Battles have been simply amazing thus far, it's been tough to see the coaches send deserving contestants home. Last night's heartbreak was Natasha Bure, but as tough as it was to see her working relationship with Riley Elmore come to an end, one of tonight's eliminations was even more disappointing.

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I previously assumed that Ethan Tucker would go far on The Voice. There's something truly remarkable about his singing, and, given the chance, I think his dedicated fans would have carried him all the way to the finale. He never had that chance, however, as he was beaten out by Courtney Harrell, who joined him for an impressive rendition of the lovely John Mayer song Gravity.

Ethan Tucker
Image: NBC

Now, I'm certainly not saying that Harrell is a bad singer. Far from it. But her voice was not as well-suited to the song as Tucker's, and as a result, she just didn't have that special something that her rival brought to the performance. She held her own, but should she have emerged victorious? I don't think so.

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Ultimately, Battles on The Voice are all a matter of personal preference. When two musicians face off, you can never assume that the one you think sounds the best will actually be chosen by the coaches. Still, you always hope that, even if your favorite is passed up, he or she will be snatched via the show's steal system. Alas, it was not to be for poor Tucker, who for some reason was not stolen by the other coaches. I get that they have to save a few of their steals, but really? How could they pass up such a naturally talented singer?


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