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Confederate flag tattoo or not, Paris Jackson’s got her boyfriend’s back

Paris Jackson appears to be very happy with her current boyfriend, Michael Snoddy (and she hasn’t been afraid to share photos of the two of them packing on the PDA), but on Monday the couple found themselves in the middle of a bit of controversy.

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Snoddy was accused of being racist for having a tattoo of the Confederate flag, a claim which, according to Oh No They Didn’t!, he has previously denied by stating that if he were racist, he “wouldn’t be dating a black girl.”

But the controversial tattoo (which to Snoddy represented Southern pride) has now been covered up courtesy of tattoo artist Justin Lewis. Lewis took to Instagram on Monday to share a photo of the cover-up, which has replaced the tattoo with flames. He captioned it with, “Cover up on my buddy @michaelsnoddy love ya brother.”

There has been backlash over Snoddy’s tattoo in the past, but surprisingly, there was also disappointment that he decided to cover up his ink. Comments on the post include one from stihlawesome, who wrote, “Wished he’d never give into the BS of people and cover up the confederate flag! Too many are running scared! Southern Pride is way different than racism folks!! Ugh!”

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But Jackson wants people to know that the man she’s dating is anything but racist. In fact, she thinks his decision to cover his tattoo speaks volumes about the type of person he is. Taking to the comment section of the post, she weighed in on the debated about Snoddy’s cover-up, explaining that it was his idea to cover up the tattoo. She added that he initially wanted to black out the whole tattoo, but she and Lewis came up with an alternative.

She continued, “i could care less [sic] about the tattoo. i know he originally got it for his favorite band. hell, lynyrd skynyrd, one of my favorite bands, used to pridefully wave the same flag. now, my boyfriend decided to get it covered up on his own expense. he didn’t like the racism that was affiliated with it, the same way nazis are affiliated with the Sanskrit svastika (now known as the swaztika) and the same way satanists are affiliated with many celtic and pagan symbols. no matter what is on his body, i will always love him. but it does say a lot about who he is by him trying to be respectful towards people of all races.”

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Jackson also reportedly took a screengrab of her comment and posted it on Instagram  (she has since deleted the post). She captioned it with, “Can we all finally move on now?” She also took to Twitter on Monday to write a cryptic tweet, which we assume is directed at those who have been slamming Snoddy.

Yep, no matter what, Jackson has proven that she has Snoddy’s back — and that she’s willing to fight for him.

What are your thoughts on the cover up of his tattoo? Share them with us in the comments below.

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