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It’s pretty clear Lisa Vanderpump isn’t RHOBH‘s No. 1 fan

Lisa Vanderpump has always had a knack for honesty, which apparently doesn’t exclude the truth about The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills at all.

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During a new, in-depth interview with AdWeek, Vanderpump got candid about her thoughts on the show.

“With the producers, they normally think that unless you’ve got something really bad — unless they catch me boiling a baby — it really isn’t going to stick,” Vanderpump said of her ability not to labeled “the villain” on Real Housewives. “But I think that [my having another show] has probably created certain feelings over the years. I mean, a lot of opportunities have come my way, and I’ve taken them.”

Vanderpump’s other show Vanderpump Rules seems to be much more her speed since she said she has “zero” control over what happens on RHOBH.

“They can shit all over you,” Vanderpump said of RHOBH. “But on Vanderpump Rules, I’m the pigeon.”

In fact, Vanderpump maintained that the worst part of RHOBH is getting attacked by the other women.

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“That’s devastated me. I’m not a victim, but it’s been very hurtful. When they accuse you of stuff, I mean, that’s been hard,” Vanderpump explained. “Sometimes I haven’t been able to watch it. Or when they’re lying about you, and it’s out there. But we’re lucky enough to have a production company that has integrity — I know it’s a rarity in this world — and tries to show the accurate story. And if they think somebody is bat-shit crazy and they’re accusing you of something, they’re going to show it. And luckily, the audience sees the truth.”

She added that it’s also hard on the show because the conflict is constantly alive, making things occasionally uncomfortable.

“For example, I had a big falling out with somebody that was on the show that turned out to be a real nightmare — I won’t mention names, but I’m sure you know who I’m talking about — so when [producers] say, ‘We want you to have lunch with them,’ maybe naturally I’d just tell that person to bugger off and never see them again, but you know that the audience wants to see that progression. So sometimes, yeah, there’s creative license, and you have to make allowances to develop and progress the story.”

Despite all the hardships, Vanderpump still isn’t sure when she’ll leave the show behind.

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“After the first year, I said I wasn’t coming back. After four years, I said I wasn’t coming back. I think I’ve always said that. This year it was a really, really difficult decision. It was just not about money. It was about whether I could go through what I went through again. I didn’t think I could. And I still don’t know if I made the right decision. But after a couple of weeks talking to them, I went, ‘All right, I’ll do it — so help me, God’ [laughs]. I remember our showrunner jumped up and kissed me and said, ‘OK, you won’t regret it!’ And I said, ‘I might, but I can never forget what the show has given me.'”

Do you think Lisa Vanderpump will likely leave RHOBH once and for all after this season?

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

Vanderpump Rules one-liners slideshow
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