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OUAT‘s Charming and Snow are on a one-way road to splitsville

Snow and Charming have faced many tough times, but Season 6 is looking way worse for this beloved Once Upon a Time couple. Based on Sunday’s episode, it sure looks like there’s a chance Snow White and Prince Charming won’t survive the season as a couple.

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Basically, they are responsible for destroying their relationship, and if they don’t get it back on track immediately, these two may be done for good. First, let’s talk about Snow’s wanting a normal life. I totally get where she is coming from, because for far too long, they’ve been fighting evil and curses while just trying to stay alive. If anyone is all about having faith and hope for the future, it’s Snow. So, no, her dreams of living a normal life surely don’t come out of nowhere.

I mean, she even said to David during Sunday’s episode that they’ve been living a life of “defeat and repeat.” When is it going to stop? I would say whenever the series ends, so not anytime soon, Snow. But she is going to do whatever it takes to make it happen.

Not only does Snow want to be a teacher again, because it’s something she actually enjoyed as Mary Margaret, but she wants to open a school with the help of others in town. As she declared to David, “Why can’t a princess be a teacher? What’s more noble than that?”

I definitely admire Snow for wanting to do what makes her happy and make a positive change for herself, but I worry because David doesn’t seem to want that right now. Ever since the Evil Queen gave him his father’s coin and put the thought into his head that his dad’s death might not have been an accident, Charming can’t stop thinking about it.

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Charming and Snow
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So, of course, he went to Rumple and made a deal to learn more about the coin and what exactly happened to his father. Thankfully, the deal only involved David delivering to Belle a tape of Rumple reciting a rhyme/poem for their unborn son. It could’ve been much worse, right?

Upon delivering the tape, Rumple gave David an index card with information about the coin and his deceased father. Apparently, his father was stabbed to death and wasn’t actually killed in a cart accident, like David previously thought.

After telling Snow what he learned, he said that his dad’s killer may still be out there. Snow became concerned because she doesn’t want David living a life of revenge by seeking out this supposed murderer. She expressed how much she wants a normal life as a teacher and David as sheriff, all while having a normal life with their son, Neal. David agreed and told Snow that he’d just burn the information about his father so he won’t think about it anymore. Guess what? He didn’t burn it, and he told Snow a bald-faced lie. When do these two ever lie to one another? Very rarely, and they are the most open couple, so, yeah, bad things are definitely ahead for them.

As much as David is at fault for lying, Snow had better come to reality about her desire for normalcy. When has anyone in Storybrooke ever had a normal life? Again, I admire her for trying to make a change in the right direction, but there are bigger things going on at the moment, including David’s lies and Emma’s tremors. I’m afraid her putting so much focus on normalcy will not only push David to lie more because he wants to give her a normal life but will also blind Snow from what’s really going on with her husband — and everything else around her.

They seem to be going down two separate paths. If they don’t get on the same page immediately, their relationship is going to fall apart. There is a very good chance that Snow and Charming could split at some point in Season 6, which would be not only unexpected but devastating for ‘shippers.

Here’s hoping they can fix things before they get much worse, or Snowing fans are going to need a lot of tissues to mop up their tears when the couple enters splitsville.

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Once Upon a Time airs Sundays at 8/7c on ABC.

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