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Shark Tank‘s Wally Amos didn’t deserve a deal, but he does deserve success

I love Shark Tank and I love cookies, so the only thing that could make my evening better would be a pack of delicious chocolate chip cookies from the Cookie Kahuna himself, Wally Amos. I had to settle for watching the Sharks eat cookies instead, but Amos’ infectious personality made that nearly as enjoyable as chowing down on cookies myself.

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You may recognize Wally Amos’ last name — he is the Amos from the renowned cookie brand Famous Amos. Unfortunately, while his original brand is still a force to be reckoned with, he’s suffered repeated business failures.

Wally Amos
Image: ABC

Amos is back with a brand-new cookie brand, but unfortunately, he no longer has the ability to use his name or likeness for marketing purposes. It’s definitely going to be an upward battle for him; in addition to the typical challenges of starting a business, he faces many significant marketing roadblocks. Perhaps worst of all, he doesn’t appear to have acquired any business sense over the years, as became immediately evident while he spoke with the Sharks.

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At $50,000 and a 20 percent share, Amos’ asking price was remarkably modest, yet he couldn’t convince any of the Sharks to play ball. They all spoke highly of his achievements as an entrepreneur, but then expressed doubts about his latest brand, which several Sharks believed will go out of business soon if he doesn’t get his costs under control.

Wally Amous
Image: ABC

Despite having endured yet another disappointment, Amos kept a huge smile on his face. He’s the type of never-give-up guy you know will be just fine, even if he never manages to sell another cookie. He has all the cookies he can eat, and really, what more could anybody want in life?

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I would love to see more people like Wally Amos on Shark Tank. I get that the majority of the entrepreneurs who hit up the show are new to the game, but I’m sure there are plenty of other big names who want the opportunity for a comeback. Hopefully, if any other notable figures appear on the show, they will make a better pitch, because if there’s one thing better than cookies on Shark Tank, it’s a Shark Tank success story.

What did you think of Wally Amos’ appearance on Shark Tank? Should the Sharks have made him an offer? Comment and share your opinion below.

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