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Rachael Leigh Cook brings a new perspective to the Brangelina divorce

Remember Rachael Leigh Cook of She’s All That fame? Yup, well, she’s still awesome.

Cook chatted with SheKnows about her new film Autumn in the Vineyard, motherhood and the plethora of Hollywood divorces lately. What did we learn? We all need to be a little more like Rachael Leigh Cook.

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“It’s going to make me sound like a crazy person, but I take the breakups of actor couples very personally,” Cook, who is married to The Originals actor Daniel Gillies, explained when we asked about her thoughts on the Brangelina divorce. “I really want to hear about couples of two working actors who can stay together. I very much need to know that it can happen. All of che detta [that said], I really believe it’s small-minded to think that just because a relationship ends that it was not a ‘success.’ A good life should have many chapters and all of us have a responsibility to follow our happiness and nurture our own personal growth. No one else will do that for you. So, yeah. YOLO. Do you. Whatever.”

As for Cook and Gillies, they definitely have to find that life balance as two working Hollywood actors.

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“Well my husband works full time on a show, I know the hardest part is the sheer number of people I have to inconvenience when I want to go to work,” Cook said. “Logistically it’s just plain complicated. Also, deciding if a project makes sense not only as a career, but financial sense, now plays a role. A lot of the fun, smaller movies will cost us money to do by the time we pay for additional care.”

Cook and Gillies have been married for 12 years and have two children — daughter, Charlotte, and son, Theodore.

When it comes to career moves for Cook, she admitted to us that after She’s All That, she intentionally avoided rom-coms.

“OK I am completely busted right now. No one has ever really called me out on that before and it’s true,” Cook admitted about her career decisions. She continued, “I am a complete romantic at heart. A total wimp for whom the world often feels like too much. I love romantic movies with every part of my being. But early on, I worked on a movie with Parker Posey, playing her younger self, and I quickly identified her as the coolest person I had ever born witness to. And what she mostly did was edgy, smaller films. As soon as I had options in my career, I almost immediately swung my career in that direction. The problem with that being, I was not being true to who I really am: someone who is not ‘cool.’ Someone who is very soft at their core. Someone who is thrilled to bring you a love story.”

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Hence Cook’s transition back to romance with Autumn in the Vineyard, a story about two very different people who both have a claim to half of a Sorrento farm. Rivalry ensues, as does some serious chemistry.

The film also stars Brendan Penny and premieres on The Hallmark Channel on Saturday, Oct. 8. at 9/8c.

Do you think Cook has the right attitude about Hollywood divorces?

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

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