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Even Prince’s pets mourned his death, and the story will give you the chills

Humans aren’t the only ones who mourned Prince’s death in April.

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Prince famously had a pair of doves as pets in his home — they were even credited with helping make some of his music by providing background ambiance on some tracks. The two birds, named Divinity and Majesty, were allowed to roam freely in Prince’s home, and their singing could almost always be heard throughout the Paisley Park compound.

But Prince’s sister, Tyka Nelson, revealed in a new interview with Al Roker that even Divinity and Majesty took the news of the star’s death pretty hard — they stopped singing soon after Prince died.

If they’re quiet, it doesn’t feel the same,” Nelson explained. “After he passed, they weren’t talking. When I first came in, I’m like, ‘Where’s the doves? What’s going on?'”

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Nelson said the doves were still in the house when she returned after Prince’s death, but that they stayed eerily quiet for a while, as if they knew what had happened to their owner.

Now, the doves are singing again, but their songs aren’t exactly cheerful. Roker, who toured Paisley Park ahead of its opening as a museum dedicated to Prince, commented on how sad the birds sound now.

“It’s literally doves crying right now,” he said.

Nelson said she and the rest of Prince’s family are looking forward to the day that Paisley Park opens to the public, because she can feel Prince’s presence in the home and wants others to be able to.

“Oh, definitely,” she said. “Any time you look at his clothes or shoes or hear a song ? sometimes they’ll play music in here ? and then of course, the doves.”

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