5 guesses for what Heidi Klum (the queen of Halloween) will be this year

When you look as incredible as Heidi Klum does, you can go as just about anything for Halloween — Jessica Rabbit, a psychedelic butterfly or even a grandma — except this year we’re not really sure what she’s meant to be.

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Klum is pretty passionate about her Halloween costumes, and every year she throws a star-studded party to celebrate. And this year she decided to start the guessing game early by taking to Instagram to post a photo of herself, giving us a glimpse of what she’ll be wearing on Oct. 31. She captioned the photo — which shows her wearing a white and metallic striped dress and thigh-high boots — with, “First fitting for Halloween ….. Hmmmmmm……. what am I going to be this year? Can you guess!?!?!?!?!?!”

And we do have some thoughts.

1. Freedom fighter: Klum could be a modern interpretation of a freedom fighter from Tron (all the metallics really make us feel like she’s going for a futuristic look).

2. Superheroine: We’re also pretty convinced that Klum is channeling her inner superhero this year, and she’s going to be one of Marvel’s leading ladies.

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3. Robot girl: She’d make a pretty great robot girl with this costume (all she needs is some silver body paint to transform her skin).

4. Modern skeleton: We’re wondering if Klum intends to use those panels to pull off a modern, high-fashion take on the classic skeleton costume.

5. Kim Kardashian West: Or maybe she’ll be imitating Kim Kardashian West — because we all know this outfit would be right at home in Kardashian West’s wardrobe.

Fans have also shared their suggestions on what they think Klum is meant to be this year, and a lot of people have commented on the post with “Kim Kardashian.” Other suggestions include, “mummy,” “White Walker,” “David Bowie” and even Star Wars‘ leading lady, Rey.

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One thing we do know is that Klum has been planning this costume for quite some time: About a month ago she took to Instagram to share a video of herself sitting for a plaster mold.

Whatever Klum decides to be for Halloween, we have no doubt we’ll be impressed, because she really does go all out. In fact, last year, when she transformed into Jessica Rabbit, it took her a full 10 hours to do so — that’s some serious dedication.

What do you think Heidi Klum is going to be for Halloween this year? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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