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Please let the Abbi Jacobson & Carrie Brownstein dating rumors be true

As someone who has spent sizable chunks of her life binge-watching both Portlandia and Broad City, this insane rumor flying around that Abbi Jacobson and Carrie Brownstein are dating is giving me life.

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This is the celebrity pairing I had no idea I needed, but now that the idea is out there, I need these two to couple up, stat. Like, awkward middle school me would have written a fan fiction about this. I am ‘shipping them so hard.

The rumor seems to come from the No Filter column on Autostraddle, where the author writes, “Abbi and Carrie are DEFINITELY DOIN’ IT, right? Right. My sources on the ground in Portland tell me that these two have been canoodling up a storm; I can’t believe I’ve become the kind of person who says things like ‘canoodling up a storm.’ I can’t believe I have sources on the ground in Portland. Anyway, Abbi’s Instagram seems to imply she’s spending a lot of time with Carrie’s dogs and you all know what that means.”

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And it’s true, at least judging from Instagram, that Jacobson and Brownstein have been hanging out quite a bit lately, so maybe (hopefully, please, I have never crossed my fingers so hard in my life) this is true?

Unfortunately, while Brownstein has never been shy about being queer, Jacobson seems to prefer dudes, from what I’ve gathered from all my internet sleuthing about this rumor. The good news, though? Jacobson loves quoting this line from Amy Poehler: “Everyone under 30 is gay.” Jacobson, at 32, is barely over the line, so maybe she can make an exception and make my celebrity girl-power couple dreams come true? Pretty please?

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