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Idina Menzel’s choice for Elsa’s girlfriend is perfect

Idina Menzel said it before. She wants Frozen‘s Queen Elsa to have a girlfriend — which would make her the first gay Disney princess. But she doesn’t just think it would be a great idea to cast a more diverse princess, she also has a suggestion for whom Elsa should date: Tinker Bell.

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While Menzel was unable to confirm or deny the direction the writers and producers will take with Elsa’s love life in Frozen 2, during an interview with Tyler Oakley she did admit that she thought Tinker Bell would be a great girlfriend for Elsa. And although we first thought this was a strange suggestion (I mean, there’s a pretty big size difference), we have to say, we’re now fully on board with Tinker Bell and Elsa as a couple.

Here’s why we think they’d be a great match: Firstly, both characters are strong, independent women, and they don’t need a relationship to define them, which makes them perfect for each other.

Then there’s the fact that Tinker Bell is feisty and hot-tempered, while Elsa is more reserved and calm (so they would balance each other’s personalities). Tinker Bell’s relationship with Peter Pan proved that she’s a devoted and loyal companion, while Elsa is compassionate and keeps so many of her emotions bottled up — but she still has so much love to give.

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Both characters have experienced feelings of loneliness and resentment, which they have overcome, and they’re both pretty mischievous and fun. So, for all their differences, they do share a similar background and past experiences. Aside from these reasons, both characters are pretty magical. Tinker Bell is a fairy who can fly and produce pixie dust, and Elsa was born with the power to create ice and snow — yeah, they’d have a lot of fun together, no doubt.

And the last reason we think Tinker Bell would be such a great fit for Elsa is because she’s become one of the most iconic Disney characters, and to alter her now and make her interested in another woman would be pretty incredible — and show just how much Disney is willing to progress. By creating a gay princess, Disney would be sending out a message of acceptance and finally putting the outdated notion that love can only be shared between a man and a woman to rest.

Although it is unlikely that Tinker Bell will ever become Elsa’s girlfriend (there’s more chance of the writers creating a new character), we still think she’s the perfect suggestion. And regardless of what happens in Elsa’s love life in the next film, we’d be pretty happy to see her involved with someone who shares the same characteristics as Tink.

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Who do you think would make a great match for Elsa in the upcoming film? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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