Millie Bobby Brown’s dad is at serious risk of ruining his daughter’s career

If you were a fan of seeing Eleven rock the small screen on Stranger Things, bad news: Millie Bobby Brown’s dad is making some huge mistakes with her career.

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Robert Brown has reportedly been asking agencies for $100,000 up front if they want to represent Millie, who rocketed to stardom after her role on Stranger Things.

For those who don’t know the entertainment industry, this is a huge no-no. Agencies don’t pay their clients — the clients pay the agencies for finding them work, usually 10 percent of what they earn to start with. It’s definitely not unheard of for actors to negotiate a lower percentage than that — huge stars like Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise are probably paying their agents less than 3 percent. But to demand payment from the agency for the privilege of representing an up-and-coming star? That’s not going to fly.

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The Hollywood Reporter claims it has insiders from five different agencies who have confirmed that Robert Brown has asked for money up front from agencies who might be able to represent his daughter. Two sources have reportedly claimed he has asked for $100,000.

One agency spoke with the site and said Robert Brown’s request was “completely unorthodox” and “would open a Pandora’s box.”

“We just would never go there,” the source continued.

There’s no doubt that 12-year-old Millie is one of Hollywood’s hottest child stars right now. She’s also insanely talented and destined for great things. That is, if her dad gets his shit together and stops making demands that could actually ruin her career just after it has started.

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