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Kim Kardashian West reportedly thought she was going to get killed

By now most of the world has heard about what happened to Kim Kardashian West during her time in Paris, France, and there have been very different reactions to her ordeal. While we can only imagine just how terrified she must have been while being robbed at gunpoint, a new report has now shed some light on the emotions and thoughts going through Kardashian West’s mind during the time of the robbery.

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Kardashian West had reportedly been in bed — wearing only a bathrobe — at her luxury residence, Hôtel de Pourtalès, when the men entered her room and bound her hands with zip ties before carrying her into the bathroom, an insider told Us Weekly, adding that Kardashian West “feared for her life.”

“She thought there was going to be a sexual assault or that she was going to be killed in the bathroom,” the source told the publication. “They did not speak English. Kim was hysterically crying, begging for her life, telling them about her babies.”

Right — regardless of how you feel about Kardashian West, the most important thing to take from this report is that this was a woman (not just a celebrity), alone in her apartment, fearing for her life while a group of thugs manhandled her, and that is absolutely terrifying.

In fact, Kardashian West was reportedly convinced that the ordeal would mark the end of her life.

“In her head, at that minute in the bathroom, she thought her life was over,” the source said. “There was a gun on her the whole time. She was begging them not to kill her.”

Reports have claimed that the thieves got away with a jewelry box containing valuables worth $6.7 million, as well as a ring worth $4.6 million and mobile telephones, and according to Us Weekly, after they made their getaway, Kardashian West was able to “wiggle her hands out of the tie, and then she was able to get the rest of the stuff off of her.” They added that, “She definitely thought she was going to be raped and murdered. She feared rape — she was basically naked.”

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According to authorities, the crime was carried out by a “highly organized” gang who did a great deal of planning before the raid.

We hope this report makes people realize just how serious this robbery was — and that there’s nothing funny about it. Kardashian West most certainly does not deserve to be victim-blamed for it or be the subject of any distasteful jokes.

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