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It sure seems like Dr. Phil had a hand in Steven Avery’s latest breakup

Steven Avery may have been the subject of a popular Netflix documentary, but his life behind bars lately has been seeming more like a soap opera.

Avery, who is currently serving a life sentence for the 2005 murder of Teresa Halbach, was engaged to a woman named Sandy Greenman less than a year ago, but the two broke up in early 2016. Then, the announcement came just last week that Avery was engaged to Lynn Hartman, a legal secretary from Las Vegas, Nevada.

Now, we’re learning that Avery is once again a single man — and it kinda seems like Dr. Phil had something to do with it.

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Avery and Hartman have called off their engagement, and a People magazine source says it’s because Hartman cut off communication with Avery right after she filmed a two-part special on Dr. Phil that is airing this week.

In the segment that aired on Monday, Hartman said, “I truly love Steven with all my heart and I know without a doubt he feels the same about me,” but clearly her sentiments have changed, because the source claims that Hartman has not called Avery since the taping, and when Avery tries to call his formerly betrothed, the number is blocked.

“Steven just called his mother and told her that he hasn’t talked to Lynn since she filmed Dr. Phil,” the source says. “Something happened at Dr. Phil.”

The insider also says that Hartman ghosting Avery is the last straw for his family, who hasn’t trusted Hartman’s motives since she started visiting Avery in jail.

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“She sent him a letter eight months ago, and they started writing back and forth to each other,” the source told People. “If you look at the pictures of that first meeting [in prison], you can see she looks so uncomfortable touching him. I think she thought in her head, ‘I can’t actually have sex with this person.’

“The family thinks she is trying to cash in by doing interviews, and now she’ll do even more about the breakup,” they added.

Curtis Busse, the man who runs the Avery-backed Facebook page Steven Avery Project, also confirmed the split in a Facebook live video on Monday.

While we obviously don’t know for sure if Hartman’s experience with Dr. Phil caused her to cease communication with her fiancé, the timing is certainly suspect. Hartman was certainly declaring her love for Avery in the segment that aired Monday, but if you’ve ever watched Dr. Phil, you know things can change very swiftly on the show.

Guess we’ll have to tune into the second part when it airs on Tuesday to find out!

Do you think something happened while Hartman was talking with Dr. Phil that caused the breakup?

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