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Lindsay Lohan’s boating accident almost left her without a finger

Lindsay Lohan is down a finger. Well, half a finger…

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Over the weekend, Lohan was involved in a boating accident that apparently ripped off half her finger. On Sunday morning, Lohan took to social media to share a photo of her bandaged finger, along with the text, “I almost lost my finger from the anchor. Well, I lost half my finger, thank goodness we found the piece of my finger… I just had surgery to fix it … it hurts so bad.”


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Lohan also shared a video, telling fans that her injuries were the result of trying to anchor the boat by herself, although there’s no word on where her travels took her that weekend.

She also took to Instagram later in the day to share a selfie (which showed her looking pretty sad, even with the filter). She captioned it with, “One handed selfie. #whatdayisit.”

Fans have commented on the photo to share their thoughts and send Lohan their wishes for her speedy recovery. Wrapstarsheree commented, “Hope your hand is doing better! That had to be scary.”

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Barbibegarie commented, “Poor girl!!! Haha take care @lindsaylohan how is your finger? I wish u a speedy recovery.” And aquaticdread also shared their thoughts: “Saw what happened to your finger. Ouch!!! Wishing you a speedy recovery and also wishing you happiness. I know you’ve been through a lot.”

Take care of yourself, Lindsay!

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