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Teresa Giudice’s new revelation highlights how bad Joe’s drinking problem is

For years, we’ve watched Real Housewives of New Jersey‘s Joe Giudice abuse alcohol. Like, remember when he tried to do a somersault in the hallway and bounced his head off the marble floor, chipping his tooth? And who could forget when his entire family was running a 5K for charity and he showed up at the early morning event with wine and sausages?

It’s been evident for a while that Giudice might have a problem with addiction, but a recent episode of RHONJ — and now Teresa Giudice’s words about his drinking — prove there’s a really dangerous issue at hand.

In the episode, we witness a drunken Joe threaten Teresa, and it was downright stomach turning. During the altercation, Joe tells Teresa to “shut the fuck up” and says he would smack her “head up against the wall” if she kept talking about his father.

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Teresa has come out to defend Joe’s actions, but she’s not really making the case for him that she thinks she is. She claims that Joe has no recollection of what even happened that night.

I didn’t take that to heart because that’s not how Joe normally talks, he really doesn’t,” Teresa said in a recent interview with People magazine. “You see, he passes out right after. He went to go lay down and he passed out. And when he woke up I said to him, ‘Hon, why’d you say that?’ And he said, ‘What?’ He didn’t even remember what he said.”

Teresa went on to try to explain that his behavior was mostly due to nervousness over his closely approaching prison time.

“I know how Joe talks. I’ve known him my whole life,” she said. “I think there’s going to be a surprise on the show. They’re going to show stuff that you guys are going to see, really, how long I know Joe. I’ve known him a long time, I know his language. Everyone deals with things differently, and he was nervous that he was leaving his wife and his four daughters.”

Sadly, Teresa seems to be trying to justify Joe’s scary behavior with alcohol consumption, and the excuse just highlights the fact that Joe really needs some help with his drinking problem.

Teresa also added that she doesn’t think Joe did anything wrong and that his prison time has actually been good for their relationship.

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“We’ve always been close, but when you go through things like this, either it can break you or make you stronger as a family or as a couple, and obviously it’s doing that for us,” Teresa said. “We both know in our hearts that he didn’t try to hurt me in any way and I know I didn’t try to hurt him in any way. If anything, you know what they say, when you’re away from each other it makes the heart grow fonder? It’s definitely doing that for us.”

What do you think? Do you think Teresa’s justification of Joe’s behavior that night is valid?

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

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