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I’m pretty sick of the Shark Tank time limit tactic

Shark Tank Shark Lori Greiner pulled out her infamous time limit tactic and I couldn’t help but roll my eyes.

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She’s done this many a time before in the history of Shark Tank. An entrepreneur isn’t ready to accept her offer before hearing the other Sharks out — logical — so Greiner tells the entrepreneur that he or she must decide in that moment or she pulls out of the deal entirely. Not so logical.

This time, it was a company called Good Hangups in the shark tank, and CEO Leslie Pierson was the poor woman getting the pressure from Greiner. Awesomely, Pierson handled the challenge like a true entrepreneur pro and told Greiner that she doesn’t make rash decisions when it comes to her business. Get it, girl!

Luckily, Greiner respected her answer enough that the two were still able to make a deal, though it wasn’t as good as Pierson was hoping for. Greiner loaned Pierson the $100,000 for 10 percent of the business rather than the stand equity deal we see in the tank.

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Either way, both Greiner and Pierson were excited about the results.

Pierson has even presented multiple times on QVC already. She’s clearly the perfect match for Greiner, even though they had a stressful start to their relationship.

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My guess is that Good Hangups will be another Shark Tank success story in no time. Greiner, despite her sneaky negotiation tactics, does have the most successful track record on the show, so she must be doing something right.

Are you sick of Lori Greiner’s time limit tactic on Shark Tank?

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