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You don’t have to be a polygamist to love the new Sister Wives workout plan

From real estate to fashion, the Sister Wives crew keeps themselves busy with all kinds of different business ventures. Now one of Kody Brown’s wives, Janelle Brown, is trying her hand at the fitness industry, and it’s all because of her own struggle to regain her health.

“It started when I was 42 and all the sudden I realized to push myself up off the couch with my hands wasn’t normal,” Brown said in a recent interview with a local news station in Las Vegas. “I don’t know, I lost track of myself. I was very plus-sized, I didn’t have a lot of mobility and there weren’t a lot of resources out there for me. I was intimidated to go to the gym, it was hard to find a professional who would help me.”

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Brown’s emotional struggle with getting in shape inspired her to create Strive with Janelle, a program that helps motivate people to “get in shape.” Brown’s website is filled with motivational articles and videos with tips on how to get moving.

“I want to create those resources and give that hope that were hard to find when I was getting started,” Brown said. “I want to emphasize with people that the first step is really movement. Just move! Because everything else falls into place once you start moving. I hope that we’re providing a real friendly resource for people that come and figure out a way to get moving, start to reclaim their health, get empowered, get off the sidelines of their life… and just come.”

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And if you think the program isn’t for you because you can’t relate to Brown’s reality TV polygamist lifestyle, think again. Brown says she’s no different than anyone else out there.

“We have our normal lives,” she said, referring to her life with the other wives. “I’m a normal mom. I work. I try to come home and figure out how to fix dinner without ordering out. How to get myself to the gym. How to stay motivated and accountable to get there.”

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Watch Brown talk about her new venture below.

What do you think of Brown’s new venture? Would you be willing to give her workout plan a try?

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