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The history of Corey Haim & Corey Feldman — 30 years of fame & tragedy

Corey Haim and Corey Feldman were the golden boys of the ’80s: super-famous teen idols who seemingly had the world at their feet. But like most things in Hollywood, all was not as it seemed. Years of drugs and sexual abuse stole the promise of these two talents, leaving one dead and the other to pick up the pieces. Here is how it all unfolded and is still going on today, six years after Haim’s death.


Haim and Feldman meet after being cast in The Lost Boys. Haim reveals a dark secret: He was raped by a male in the biz while filming Lucas. Feldman has never publicly named Haim’s rapist.


The Lost Boys is released, making Haim and Feldman instant teen idols. Haim later claimed that while filming, Feldman set him up with child star manager Martin Weiss, who sexually abused him. Feldman admitted the story was true in his book Coreyography. Weiss was later charged with two counts of molestation for abusing a different actor. Haim’s friend Greg Harrison later claims Feldman introduced Haim to Dominick Brascia during this period, and that Haim’s mother caught Brascia sexually assaulting him.


License to Drive, the pair’s second film together, is released. Both win the Young Artist Award for Best Young Actor in a Motion Picture Comedy or Fantasy.

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Dream A Little Dream, the pair’s third film together, is released. Haim goes to rehab for the first time and releases the documentary Corey Haim: Me, Myself and I including scenes with Feldman, who wed actress Vanessa Marcil the same year.

Seth Green, who later worked with Haim on Robot Chicken, later said of the documentary, “I’ve got a copy. It was a masterpiece of insanity. I don’t know who said, ‘Listen, Corey, there’s been a report that you’re into drugs. So you need to do something about it.’ Just him showing how healthy and awesome he is, like ridin’ in his cool car, doin’ a bunch of athletic stuff, like I can’t possibly be doing drugs because I’m playing softball. It’s a tough one to watch, and really easy to make fun of when you put it out there like that. But you look at him, not a shred of irony. He believes it wholeheartedly, and that may just have been the height of his skill at the time, but that’s what I mean — he was just so sweetly earnest and sincere that it’s heartbreaking.”


Feldman is arrested twice for heroin possession, once in March and again in September.


The duo star in Blown Away with Nicole Eggert. Haim and Eggert would eventually become engaged, then break up, but remained close until shortly before his death.


Feldman and Marcil divorce. Haim stars in Just One of the Girls with Eggert.


Feldman and Haim star in National Lampoon’s Last Resort, along with Brascia, who later claims Haim specifically asked the director to give him a part.


Dream A Little Dream 2 is released, going straight to video.


Haim stars in Feldman’s directorial debut, Busted, with Brascia and is eventually fired for being too drugged up to work. Haim’s friend Greg Harrison will later claim Haim actually quit after seeing Brascia on set.


Haim is forced to declare bankruptcy.


Haim and Feldman voice themselves in a Robot Chicken sketch titled “Corey & Corey Save the World.”


Haim says he will not participate in the Lost Boys sequel, telling MTV News he and Feldman are on the outs. “I’m just tired of him, that’s all,” he said. The pair eventually put the beef behind them and Haim agreed to a cameo in the film, as well as a reality show.

The Two Coreys premieres, and what was meant to be a light-hearted show about Haim getting his career back on track while living with Feldman and then-wife Susie Sprague turned into a dark look at the pair’s troubled youth and Haim’s struggle with sobriety.


Haim, who no longer has an agent, takes out a full-page ad in Variety announcing, “This is not a stunt. I’m back. I’m ready to work. I’m ready to make amends.”

Haim relapses on the set of Lost Boys: The Tribe after the duo talked about their history of sexual abuse during season 2 of The Two Coreys, and Feldman broke contact. “As a friend and somebody that cares deeply about the guy, I am not going to watch him destroy himself,” he told People.


Haim dies of complications from pneumonia days after doctor-shopping for over 500 prescription pills. Traces of Valium, Soma, Vicodin and Xanax were found in his system. He had been to rehab a total of 15 times. Feldman does not attend his funeral at the request of Haim’s mother. Feldman’s ex Sprague later tells Radar Online that the two had been back in touch and she last saw Haim at Feldman’s house two weeks before his death.


Feldman blames Haim’s death on the pedophile who raped him while filming Lucas, and discusses a ring of child predators in Hollywood. Other former child stars back him up, including Little House on the Prairie‘s Alison Arngrim.

“I literally heard that they were ‘passed around,'” Arngrim said. “The word was that they were given drugs and being used for sex. It was awful — these were kids, they weren’t 18 yet.”


Feldman says he believes the Hollywood sex abuse conspiracy is the real reason behind Haim’s Oscars In Memoriam snub.


Feldman releases his memoir Coreyography, detailing not only his life in Hollywood but his friendship with Haim and the abuse he says they both suffered. He does not print the real names of any of the men involved.


Feldman reiterates his story of the Hollywood sex ring and Haim’s many abusers to The Hollywood Reporter but still refuses to name names. Greg Harrison accuses Brascia of raping Haim, a charge Brascia steadfastly denies. He points out that Haim’s description of his rapist was someone much older and that the timeline doesn’t match up.

It’s totally not true,” Brascia told Perez Hilton. “I’m as shocked as anyone else. He was one of my good friends, I knew him for over 25 years. I started [sic] to movies with him and as you know he was the store [sic] so he had to give approval. He actually asked the director if they give me a part in National Lampoon’s Last Resort. And we work together on Busted, truth is he was really, really stoned and couldn’t finish the job.”

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