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Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift reunite, but don’t get too excited just yet

It’s been four months since Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift broke up, and yes, people are still talking about their split. But what was once a bitter breakup (there are even rumors that Harris threw low-key shade at Swift and Tom Hiddleston in his track “Olé”) may be becoming more civil as time goes on.

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According to a new report from HollywoodLife, there’s a reason Harris wants to be friends with Swift — and before you get too excited, it’s got nothing to do with his hopes of their getting back together.

A source told the publication: “Calvin wants to be friends with Taylor because he makes hits with her, and he doesn’t want to be a future hit for her.” That’s right, people: According to this report, it’s all about business for Harris, and instead of becoming the inspiration behind another one of Swift’s breakup songs (which we’re not knocking, because she’s an incredibly talented songwriter), he’d rather collaborate with her — and we all know just how successful their last collaboration on “This Is What You Came For” was.

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“He doesn’t want to be a punchline and reached out to her to make amends with her,” the source revealed, adding that, unlike most other celebs, Harris prefers to stay out of the limelight and live a relatively drama-free existence. “He lives his life mostly drama free and wants that to continue with his relationship with Taylor even if they don’t return to romance,” the source adds.

It’s no secret that Harris’ split from Swift was particularly difficult for him because it played out so publicly, but if this report is true, we’re happy to hear that he wants to be friends with Swift, because really, life is too short to be bitter. Oh, and we also have selfish reasons for wanting Swift and Harris on good terms — we’d love to hear another Harris-Swift collaboration.

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