Bobby Brown is convinced Nick Gordon’s to blame for Bobbi Kristina’s death

Bobby Brown has been very vocal about who he thinks is responsible for his daughter Bobbi Kristina’s death: He’s convinced it’s Nick Gordon.

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During an interview with Pastor T.D. Jakes, Brown stated that he would not have “closure” until criminal charges were brought against Gordon, who, earlier this month, was found “civilly liable” for Bobbi Kristina’s death (in July of 2015), VH1 reports.

Gordon has yet to be charged in connection with Bobbi Kristina’s death, however Brown is hoping the truth will soon come to light. He told Pastor Jakes, “I know some things that happened to my daughter, but it’s up to the DA now to do his job.”

He added, “That’s when I think I will get some closure.” But until then, Brown says that “just knowing that he’s [Gordon] legally responsible for my daughter’s death has given me a bit of calmness to waiting for the DA.”

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Following Bobbi Kristina’s death, the Brown estate filed a $40 million wrongful death lawsuit against Gordon. They also alleged that, prior to her death, Bobbi Kristina had been involved in an altercation with Gordon, who then placed her in a bathtub and injected her with a “toxic cocktail” of drugs, Huffington Post reports.

On two separate occasions Gordon has failed to appear in court, resulting in Brown’s suit being admitted through omission. However, Gordon and his attorneys have maintained his innocence throughout the proceedings.

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It’s a heartbreaking situation, and Brown must be going through unimaginable turmoil, but as the case comes to a close, he may finally be able to get the closure he needs — whichever way the judge rules.

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