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AHS: Roanoke starts building the twist to come in Episode 6

American Horror Story: Roanoke is finally getting to the heart of this season. Pun intended.

WARNING: Spoilers from Season 6 of American Horror Story below. Do not continue reading unless you want all the mind-blowing (pun intended again) tidbits about what’s to come this season.

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Though I’m still missing some Evan Peters in my life this season, the show kind of made up for it tonight with the introduction of psychic Cricket (Leslie Jordan). Not only did Cricket serve to seriously move the plot forward in a much-needed way, but he also helped put together the bigger pieces of the puzzle for the series.

It seems like things with the show are finally gearing up after a confusing and, admittedly, pretty cliché first couple of episodes.

So what’s creator Ryan Murphy getting at this season?

Well, it’s definitely something, and it’s coming in Episode 6.

In an interview with Vanity Fair, Cuba Gooding Jr. explained, “The first season to me, if you watch those 13 episodes — it’s like what The Twilight Zone did with one episode. This season, remember I said that. When you see this season, you’ll realize how to interpret that Twilight Zone idea to an entire other level. When your head goes ‘boom’ and you’ve got brains all over the wall, you’re going to be like, ‘Motherfucking Cuba Gooding Jr.’ I wish I could tell you when it happens, but I can’t.”

Thanks to statements like that, fan theories have been igniting the internet like crazy. The main theory is that Roanoke will connect the previous five seasons in a bigger, overriding story arch.

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Each episode this season thus far seems to confirm that theory.

Episode 1: “Murder House”

Happy, attractive couple buys haunted house.

Episode 2: “Asylum”

Matt wakes up in the middle of the night to discover two crazed nurses murdering an elderly patient. We then get the backstory on the retirement community gone wrong.

Episode 3: “Coven”

Leslie Jordan returns to the show as medium Cricket. Though he’s playing a different character in Roanoke, the only other season Jordan appeared in was, conveniently, Coven. He also references New Orleans in the episode, where Coven took place.

Episode 4: “Freak Show”

Though we don’t know exactly what’s in store for Episode 4, we can only assume it will follow the pattern of the last three episodes. We know that Freak Show will definitely play a role at some point, at the very least.

Murphy told Entertainment Weekly, “We explain how the Motts began, which is funny.” The Motts appeared in Freak Show, specifically, killer Dandy Motts played by Finn Wittrock.

That means Episode 5 will be something about Hotel. Maybe the Millers will finally get a clue and get the heck out of that house only to head to a precarious hotel?

And it also means that Episode 6 is going to get real weird.

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The big theory out in the world of the internet is that the show will be breaking the fourth wall, meaning the characters who have just been sitting being interviewed thus far will be getting in on the action in some Twilight Zone kind of freaky way.

Do you think American Horror Story will connect all the previous seasons in Episode 6 of Roanoke?

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