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Just because Paris Jackson & her BF wear rings doesn’t mean they’re engaged

You guys, either Paris Jackson is engaged or she isn’t, and maybe we can all just calm down about it.

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There have been a ton of conflicting reports flying around about Jackson’s relationship status with her new-ish boyfriend, Michael Snoddy. Just last month, friends of the couple were telling reporters that Jackson and Snoddy had moved into one of Michael Jackson’s old homes together, that they referred to themselves as a “family,” and they might even be secretly married.

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Now, TMZ says they’re not even engaged, let alone hitched.

Even though both of them wear rings on suspicious fingers, TMZ says Snoddy’s ring is a promise ring given to him by Jackson (with a Wiccan symbol on it, for whatever reason), and Jackson’s ring is just some random one that she likes to wear on different fingers, including her engagement finger sometimes.

This story may sound familiar because rumors were constantly circulating that Jackson was engaged to her last boyfriend too. Now that we have an article saying she’s not engaged, expect one next week saying she is. That’s pretty much how this story seems to go.

I have an idea to curtail the rumors, though. How about we stop listening to Jackson’s “friends,” who never seem to have reliable information and stop paying attention to the rings she wears because those are clearly no indication of her engagement status. Let’s stop saying anything about whether she’s engaged or not until we hear it from her. OK? OK.

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Paris Jackson slideshow
Image: Paris Jackson/Instagram

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