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Sonia and Nick on Married at First Sight are struggling with communication

Being in a relationship is about having a positive experience together and growing as a couple to build a healthy union. There must be use of kind words and supportive comments. On Married at First Sight, one of the wives, Sonia, had an experience with her husband of 25 days, Nick, who made some very negative comments about not being attracted to her. She felt hurt by his words and chose to leave their home to get some distance from him. She tells the camera that he did not “build her up,” which she expects from a husband, and she feels “anger and betrayal.” The expert, Rachel DeAlto, says that “Nick and Sonia can overcome this” and she supports that Sonia not move back in with Nick until she feels “emotionally safe.”

I very much agree that a couple needs to have emotional safety, but it is really difficult for a person to take back words after they have been spoken. Can they overcome this problem in the relationship?Nick tells the camera that he should “not have to work at anything” and he “cannot change how he feels.”

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Pastor Calvin Roberson decides to talk to him to save the relationship. Pastor Calvin has the couple meet together to talk about what happened and Nick apologizes to Sonia.Sonia shares her feelings and appears to be able to communicate well with Nick, but it seems like Nick needs to figure out how to open up and share with her, as well as understand his own emotions. Sonia appears to maintain a positive outlook but decides to remain in her own place and the two continue to get to know each other after this obstacle.

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To be able to support each other in an emotional connection comes means each person must understand and manage their own emotions. How does one learn about emotional expression or awareness? Often it takes a professional to help someone sort this out.

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