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The Kardashians are reportedly terrified that Rob’s life could be in danger

It really looked as though Rob Kardashian was turning his life around. He was becoming more active and losing weight, and he was much less reclusive after meeting Blac Chyna. But this may no longer be the case, as a new report paints a very scary picture of Kardashian’s future.

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According to a new report from TMZ, his family is terrified that Kardashian’s life might be in danger because not only is he slipping back into his reclusive lifestyle, his health is also taking a dive as he continues to pack on the pounds. Sources told the site that Kardashian has gained back the 50 pounds he lost when he first started dating Chyna (which makes his current weight around 300 pounds) and his weight gain has reportedly created fears that his diabetes will “spin out of control” — you may remember that a few months ago Kardashian was hospitalized after a diabetes scare.

But that’s not all. According to TMZ sources, Kardashian and Chyna’s relationship is over. For the last two months, Kardashian has reportedly been living at his own home and has seldom left the confines of the building, not even for his new reality TV show, Rob & Chyna — although we’re not sold on this report because Kardashian’s Instagram account is filled with recent posts about his new show.
And just two weeks ago, Chyna took to Instagram to share a sweet photo from their date night.
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But according to the site, Kardashian’s biggest issue is reportedly his relationship with Chyna. It once proved to be so good for both his health and his confidence, but is now reportedly only deepening his problems because whenever they’re together they fight.

“Rob is slipping back into a dark place,” a source told TMZ, adding that his family is really worried about him and are praying that he “snaps out of it.”

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If this report is true, it’s really sad to think that Kardashian’s life has once again taken a turn for the worse. While we completely understand that he’d be heartbroken if he and Chyna split up (which we really hope is not the case because we’re rooting for them), he has a child on the way, and so many other wonderful reasons to get his life back on track. Let’s hope that Kardashian realizes this before his weight causes irreparable damage.

What do you think about the report that Rob Kardashian is once again in a dark place? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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