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The Voice‘s Simone Gundy is bringing it for the single moms this season

The cynics love to complain about sob stories being a dime a dozen on The Voice, but with so many terrible things happening in the world, I like to see people who have managed to rise above their circumstances and make the best of a difficult situation. Tonight, I witnessed exactly that when Simone Gundy took the stage. Her story may not be the show’s most memorable, but it does serve as a reminder that single moms do not have to give up on their life goals.

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Gundy loved singing when she was young, but her dream of making it big as a musician was put on hold when she gave birth to her son at age 15. Now, she’s 26 years old and ready to give it another go.

Simone Gundy
Image: NBC

These days, Gundy works full-time at a solar company and spends the rest of her time doting on her son and boyfriend. She’s managed to keep her musical dreams alive, but making it in a cut-throat industry is tough when you have next to no free time.Thankfully, she has an amazing support group, consisting of her son (of course) and her boyfriend, who consistently pushes her to shoot for her dreams.

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Viewers have Gundy’s boyfriend to thank for tonight’s amazing performance of “I Who Have Nothing,” for without his encouragement, she might not have bothered to try for a spot on the show.

Miley Cyrus
Image: NBC

It really is too bad that Gundy has been forced to put her career on the back burner until now; she is an absolutely amazing singer! The judges clearly thought so, as two of them turned their chairs around almost immediately. Miley Cyrus was especially enthusiastic; she claimed to have “cold chills,” adding that the performance felt less like an audition and more like the type of concert you shell out big bucks to see. But despite all of Cyrus’ praise, Gundy ultimately chose Team Adam.

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I am so excited to see more of Simone Gundy on The Voice. Her voice is amazing, her story is inspiring and her smile is lovely. I’m sure she has great things in store.

What did you think of Simone Gundy’s performance on The Voice? Comment and share your opinion below.

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