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We knew it — the Will & Grace ‘reunion’ isn’t what it appeared to be

Bad news for anyone who was hoping for the rumored revival of Will & Grace.

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This week, pictures and videos flooded social media, showing the cast all together again for the first time in a decade and starting the onslaught of articles about a reboot being in the works for the classic sitcom.

The good news is that there is a new “episode” of Will & Grace — sort of. It’s definitely not a full reboot à la Fuller House, but it is hilarious.

The cast reunited to film a 10-minute mini episode called “Vote Honey,” encouraging viewers of all political affiliations to get out and vote in the upcoming presidential election no matter who they support… even though the Trump-bashing is pretty constant throughout the video. In fact, the only character who supports Trump for president, Karen, is openly racist toward her housekeeper and drops gay slurs like they’re breadcrumbs and she’s Hansel and Gretel.

It’s no wonder that the cast of a show that had been pioneering for its portrayal of openly gay characters would be so anti-Trump. His policies are, shall we say, questionable when it comes to all minorities, whether because of their race or their sexual orientation. As Grace points out in the video, a Trump presidency means Trump Supreme Court appointments, and that could be bad news for civil rights for the LGBT community.

The Will & Grace cast joins a bunch of other celebs who have condemned The Donald this week, from Olivia Wilde to Madonna.

Here’s hoping their message gets across to undecided voters, especially the ones in Pennsylvania.

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Are you disappointed that the Will & Grace reunion isn’t quite what it seemed to be?

Before you go, check out our slideshow below:

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