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We’re all getting Madonna’s Donald Trump piñata for the next presidential debate

Where can we sign up to take a swing?

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Madonna turned her son’s 11th birthday into the coolest and most hilarious political statement of all time — by giving him a Donald Trump piñata.

The life-size bust of the Republican presidential nominee was strung up in a backyard tree for party guests to take out their political angst whack away at in search of candy inside. Madonna’s son, Banda, really got into it — he can be heard saying in the video of the festivities that she shared to Instagram, “No, I’m going to go for his neck and decapitate [him],” as a group of children wait and offer advice about which part of Trump would be best to destroy first.

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According to Madonna’s subsequent Snapchats, Banda did go for the neck and decapitate piñata Trump’s dumb Cheeto-colored head, and we quietly cheered for him from our office desks. Of course, it helps that we saw this the morning after Trump yelled his way through his first debate and then, just for shits and giggles, called a former Miss Universe fat. Because that’s what a presidential nominee should spend his time doing.

This leaves us with only one very important question: Where can we get our own Donald Trump piñatas to bring to our next debate-viewing parties… or, you know, just to hang up in the living room to take out our feminist rage on. Either way…

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Would you beat the crap out of a Donald Trump piñata at a birthday party?

Before you go, check out our slideshow below:

donald trump quotes slideshow
Image: Alex Wong/Getty Images

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