Modern Family is growing — welcome transgender child actor Jackson Millarker

Modern Family has long been on the cutting edge of making Hollywood a little more inclusive, featuring actors who are gay and of color.

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Now, the show is working to break a new boundary. It will feature a transgender child actor in an upcoming episode.

Jackson Millarker is an 8-year-old openly transgender actor from Atlanta — the first trans child actor to appear in a TV role in the U.S. other than reality shows.

Millarker doesn’t have an IMDb page, so we’re not sure what roles he’s been in before. But this one has his name absolutely blowing up, so we have a feeling he’ll get plenty of acting work after this. On Modern Family, he’ll play a transgender character, so it has the added bonus of bringing light to real issues transgender kids face.

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Fans of the show have been overwhelmingly supportive of Millarker.

“Awesome! So glad we are finally getting to a place where young ones are feeling safe enough to be vocal and express themselves how they choose to,” one viewer commented on the photo of Millarker and director Ryan Case. “Of course there will always be those few who speak against it… ahem…. a few of the above comments…. but it will take small steps to erase the ignorance of many. Cheers to you Jackson and to taking small steps in the right direction!!!!”

Modern Family isn’t the first show to feature trans actors and issues — it joins the likes of Nashville and Orange Is the New Black, both extremely successful shows. But it is the first to feature a trans kid, and that’s a major breakthrough in making Hollywood more inclusive and representative.

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Do you watch Modern Family? What do you think about the show’s decision to cast a trans child actor?

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