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The Duggars made one helluva bold move sharing this photo of Josh & Anna

Much to the surprise of many, Anna and Josh Duggar are still together, and their marriage is going strong. In fact, on Monday, Sept. 26, the couple celebrated their ninth wedding anniversary, and the Duggar family decided to congratulate them with a bold move.

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The Duggars took to their official Facebook account to post a photo of the couple — marking the first time since Josh’s indiscretions that he has featured on the family’s social media. The photo, which shows Josh and Anna embracing in a side-hug, was captioned with, “Happy Anniversary, Josh and Anna. We are so thankful for God’s redemptive love in your lives.”
It has been six months since Josh left his faith-based rehab center. He checked in during August of 2015, confessing to cheating on his wife and being addicted to internet pornography. And before this, there was Josh’s molestation scandal. So, it’s no secret that their marriage went through a rough patch. However, it looks as though Anna and Josh are willing to make their marriage work — and Duggar supporters have praised Anna for this decision.

Comments include one from Mindy Bickley Sightler, who wrote, “I admire Anna for the strength she has shown and I believe that came from God. No family is perfect so everyone needs to remember that. I love the Duggars!” Ruiz Mary was also happy to see the post, writing, “Hope Josh realizes what a loyal wife he has and treats her like she deserves from this point on…”

And Nichole Nelson Martinez wrote, “Given how little grace people are willing to give one another, this was a brave post by the Duggars! But as someone who has seen the extraordinary power of grace firsthand I’m so proud of Anna, and Josh for that matter for his part in this redemption story! Happy Anniversary!”

However, not everyone is celebrating Anna’s decision, and there are plenty of people who are angry about this post.

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“I just can’t bring myself to root for a child molester’s happiness. Sorry, not sorry,” Jessica Miller commented.

Sara Stovall was upset to see that Anna was willing to take Josh back. She wrote, “I can not be glad a women is keeping herself and her children in a relationship that is abusive and harmful, when people show you who they are listen! If they feel what Josh has done in his life is acceptable behavior then I have nothing but fear for their daughter.”

Sinead Watters was also disgusted by everyone congratulating the couple, and commented with, “I feel sorry for her children another mother putting a man before her own children even if he is their father I wouldn’t be able to thrust [sic] him around the children, Actuly [sic] shocked at the amount of people wishing them well you are all deluded he is a sex offender you are all high-fiving him & her for sticking by him like you all might as well be saying you would be ok with or forgive someone for doing the same to your children…”

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What do you think of the Duggars’ decision to share this photo? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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