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Kelly Dodd redeemed herself tonight on RHOC

Kelly Dodd is the new Housewife we all love to hate. She lashes out needlessly at the other gals on The Real Housewives of Orange County and can’t help but get all up in everybody else’s business. She seems like the perfect RHOC villain, but perhaps that is not the role Bravo has in mind for her. Why else would she have managed to come across as (gasp) sympathetic during tonight’s episode?

Kelly Dodd
Image: Bravo

Even the most unlikable Housewife is capable of redeeming herself, as we’ve seen with Tamra Judge (yes, she has her problems, but no, she’s nowhere as dramatic as she used to be). This is evidently also true of Dodd, who, despite getting off to a decidedly rocky start, seems to be on the road to redemption. Her evolution began with the ATV accident; shaken up in the aftermath of the terrifying incident, she began to open up more to the other Housewives.

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Dodd’s transformation continued tonight, when she discussed the difficulties she’s faced in her marriage with a few of the other gals. She and Judge had a brief bonding moment after they realized that their parents both divorced when they were 26 years old. They also discussed their reluctance to get out of bad relationships, simply because they realized how awful divorce could be.

Tamra Judge
Image: Bravo

Now that Dodd and Judge have these shared experiences, they may be able to get over the bad blood and develop a genuine friendship. I’m impressed that Judge and the other Housewives are willing to overlook her previous behavior this quickly, but then again, some of them have been guilty of worse.

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Dodd is by no means the only Housewife on her way out of the doghouse. There’s little hope for Vicki Gunvalson’s relationship with Shannon Beador, but Gunvalson is getting along with the other Housewives these days. Or, at least, she is for now. The Brooks Ayers stuff will always be a sore spot, but just as no RHOC friendship is truly safe, there is always the possibility of a reconciliation.

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I like Dodd and Gunvalson a lot more when they’re vulnerable and willing to share their concerns with the other Housewives. Yes, they make great “love to hate” characters, but I think they are both more entertaining as well-rounded cast members.

What do you think of this new and improved version of Kelly Dodd on The Real Housewives of Orange County? Comment and share your opinion below.

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

RHOC scandals slideshow
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