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Anyone hoping Neil Patrick Harris would cohost Live! full-time can give up now

It could have been legen — wait for it — dary, but alas, it wasn’t meant to be.

Neil Patrick Harris quickly became a fan favorite after the couple times he stepped in to host Live! with Kelly Ripa, but if you were waiting for ABC to announce him as Michael Strahan’s permanent replacement, don’t hold your breath — apparently NPH has got some more important things on his agenda.

I’ve got another good job,” Harris recently told E! News. “I’m doing a series for Netflix that’ll happen in January and that takes up well over half my year. So the rest of my time is spent with my family, chilling and relaxing.”

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But before all of the wind is taken out of your sails, Harris did also tease there’s a chance he could pop back in to hang out with Ripa sometime in the future.

“The fun thing about Kelly is that you get to show up at 8:30, be on TV at 9, shoot the breeze, meet some fun people and then you’re out by 10:07,” he explained. “So it’s a nice gig, but I wouldn’t want to do it all year long.”

Harris isn’t the first celeb to come out and say there’s no way they’ll step up for Live! hosting duties. Extra host Mario Lopez also recently publicly denied rumors that he would be soon be filling Strahan’s large shoes.

“No, I mean, those (rumors) were flattering and very sweet, but I’m here in L.A., and I’ve already got a couple jobs and my family here. But she’s awesome,” Lopez said, speaking of Ripa. “I’d love to go back and hang with her anytime.”

So who will Ripa’s next partner in crime be? Don’t count on finding out anytime soon. Ripa has no intention of making a hasty decision.

“Kelly has always felt strongly that the show will need a permanent co-host and she is committed to finding one,” a source told People. “But that process cannot be rushed, and so she is happy to take her time to make sure that the chemistry is right.”

Who do you want to be the next cohost of Live!?

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