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Maureen McCormick on Dancing with the Stars makes me fangirl Marcia Brady all over again

When I saw the list for this fall’s cast of Dancing with the Stars, I did my own little happy dance. Marcia, Marcia, Marcia … sitcom icon and ultimate teen girl, Maureen McCormick (aka Marcia Brady) is a contestant.

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Was there ever a more enviable fictional high school girl than Marcia Brady? I think in the 1970s the only one that even came close was Laurie Partridge (her family was in a band and drove around in a multi-colored bus so that was pretty cool.) But I have to give the crown to Marcia, which she could proudly display atop her gorgeous blond hair. Long and frizz free, her beautiful mane that she brushed 100 times before bed is just one of the many reasons I loved her.

Here are the other reasons: 

Her fantastic family

The Brady Bunch made a big family look like an everyday co-ed slumber party. She had sisters, she had brothers and she had a Jack and Jill bathroom where they could meet to discuss important stuff. She puts family first by withdrawing from the class president race and by letting Greg have the attic room because he is older.

Incredible healing abilities

Several years ago, I got hit in the nose (and in fact did say, “Oh my nose!” when it happened.) Unlike Marcia the swelling did not go down in a few days. I missed the dance (actually it was a Bar Mitzvah that weekend) and had to have surgery to fix the broken bone. Not Marcia, her adorable nose was back to normal in a few days – just in time for her to realize that she should go with her original date.

She met Davy Jones

The Monkees lead singer Davy Jones was positively dreamy. As president of his local fan club, Marcia says that she can get him to appear at the school dance. But it turns out that Marcia has over promised. Just as she is about to admit to their dance committee that she has failed them, the big swoon happens – Davy Jones is at her front door. She also meets cutie Desi Arnaz Jr. in season one – lucky girl!

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She can keep a secret

Marcia wants to nominate her new stepdad Mike for a Father of the Year contest in the local newspaper. Her quest becomes difficult as there are a series of misunderstandings and she winds up breaking some house rules and getting punished. But even being told she is grounded and will miss the family ski trip does not push her to divulge her secret. In the end, Mike wins and it’s group hugs all around.

She can sing

Yep, Marcia has lead vocals in several episodes where the Brady Bunch sings. Take that Laurie Partridge! Now let’s hope she can dance.

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