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Trudeau tried to high-five Prince George but was totally blown off

Most people would be pretty psyched to meet our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, but we guess when you’re the future king of Britain… meh.

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Accompanied by his parents and baby sister, Prince George arrived on a Canadian Air Force plane at Victoria International Airport on Saturday. Trudeau and his wife were waiting to greet the royal family, and our leading politician was keen to make an impression on 3-year-old George.

He knelt down and offered the young prince a high-five, but unfortunately George DGAF. All Trudeau got in return was a shake of the head, which says it all. Trudeau took it in good spirits, but alas, he’d already burned his bridges with his young visitor. Prince George couldn’t even be persuaded to shake his hand.

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Perhaps the young prince — who is third in line to the throne — was simply tired after the 10-hour flight from the U.K. to Canada. He also needed to be encouraged by Prince William to wave to the crowd of waiting media and seemed more interested in looking at the other aircraft on the military base.

We’re sure Trudeau will win over Prince George in no time. The royals are in Canada for a week, so the PM will have plenty of opportunities to woo the little prince. Although he might want to ask Barack Obama for some tips — during a visit to London’s Kensington Palace in April, the U.S. president did manage to shake hands with the toddler.

We’re rooting for you, Trudeau, and there’s plenty of time yet for a royal fist bump.

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