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Rob & Chyna‘s introduction to Blac Chyna’s mom was pretty unforgettable

Blac Chyna clearly takes after her mom, whom we met tonight on Rob & Chyna. Eccentric and full of attitude, Chyna’s mom Tokyo Toni did not hold back when setting Rob Kardashian straight.

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“She’s known for not, like, giving two fucks,” Chyna said as she prepped for dinner with Rob and her family. Hmm, sound familiar?

It wasn’t long before Toni was dishing it to Rob.

“After you have your baby, you’re gonna want to get married,” Rob said to Chyna during Toni’s Fourth of July party.

“Whoa,” Toni responded quickly. “Your baby or our baby?”

“She said it was her baby,” Rob said, trying to backtrack out of the trouble he immediately caught wind of.

Chyna then delved into the couple’s problems: “He needs to work on a few things for me, for us. He’s been burned in all his past relationships, so it’s hard for him to trust me.”

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Cue Mama Toni’s advice: “You gotta stop what you’re doing, OK? Let me explain what type of person Chyna is. She’s a strong woman. I didn’t have anything to give her. I started from the bottom as a young girl, 16 — 16 with no help trying to figure it out with a little baby. Y’all don’t have those type of problems; the problems y’all have can be solved. But you’re dealing with my only child. She didn’t have a father around. She don’t need a baby with no father, do you understand me?”

“Yeah, I do,” Rob said, like a smart man.

“You can’t do what you’re doing. You’re gonna ruin it,” Toni added.

But I don’t think putting the blame entirely on Rob is fair at all. Chyna has her own set of serious issues and insecurities. She needs to get ahold of her emotions instead of flying off the handle at every little hint of change. She also needs to start acting like a mom instead of a free-flying girl.

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I get that she’s a big personality, and I respect a strong, confident woman. Yet, Chyna’s flamboyance feels like a cover-up for some serious insecurity. She needs to get her act together just as much as Rob. Tokyo Toni should focus first on coaching her daughter before she turns on Rob, even though her advice about his need to change his perspective about the relationship is sound.

Do you think Tokyo Toni was right to call Rob Kardashian out at the Fourth of July party?

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

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