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Oh, dear God, no — Once Upon a Time might kill off Emma

Once Upon a Time is back with Season 6, and it’s already threatening to get rid of a major character. If you thought being the Dark One was Emma’s biggest problem, think again. As teased in Sunday’s premiere, she may very well die, and all thanks to her being a savior. I guess sometimes it doesn’t pay off to be a hero?

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Mr. Hyde is bringing even more chaos to Storybrooke, including an oracle who told Emma, “You will die.” Yes, those were her exact words. Let me back up a bit before I get to Emma’s death, which at this point in time seems extremely likely.

The Season 6 premiere opened with the same oracle by Aladdin’s side. Apparently, like Emma, Aladdin is/was also a savior, but this wasn’t the same Aladdin fans know and love from the animated Disney hit. He was tired, worn out and experiencing hand tremors. Eventually, Jafar showed up and told Aladdin that saviors never get their happy endings — which also seems to be the case for Emma.

Back in Storybrooke, Emma began to experience tremors like Aladdin. That wasn’t all, either, because she started having ominous visions of herself in a sword fight with a hooded figure. Mr. Hyde told Emma that he knew all about her tremors and that she must follow the “red bird” to someone who can help her. The red bird led Emma to the oracle, who informed her that she is seeing her future.

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After some begging, the oracle showed Emma her future, which supposedly includes her fighting a hooded figure and then dying at the hands of said hooded figure. So, this is what’s in store for the savior? The oracle informed Emma that she can change the path to the destination, but the destination is the same. Yeah, it sure looks like Emma is going to die sooner rather than later.

Emma went back to Mr. Hyde to learn more about the hooded figure who seemingly ends her, but he remained mum. However, he did tell Emma that she’s not the only savior he’s ever met and that where there is a savior, there is always a villain who brings them down.

Well, that doesn’t sound good. Season 6 could be the end of Emma Swan’s story on OUAT. Would the series really kill off such a major character? It would definitely be unexpected and change up the show drastically. However, it would be unfortunate because Emma is what holds the show, the characters and the storylines together. She is the center of OUAT, so who knows what would happen without her there.

It’s unclear when or if Emma will die, but it sure seems like it could happen this season. Let’s say she does die. Maybe the showrunners have something bigger in mind. Maybe this is their way of setting another story in motion. For example, while talking with Regina about Robin Hood, Henry mentioned that he believes there is a special place heroes go after they die.

Hmm… is that a clue that Emma will die and then go to another realm purely for heroes? If such a place exists, maybe her death is what’s needed for OUAT to finally tell this particular story. Plus, we’ve already seen the Underworld, so why not see a world that is the opposite and filled with heroes?

Who knows if that will come to life, but right now Emma better figure out what the heck is going on immediately or OUAT might soon be without its beloved savior.

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Once Upon a Time airs Sundays at 8/7c on ABC.

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