You don’t even have to like beer to want this Shark Tank appliance

The new Fizzics appliance, which debuted tonight on Shark Tank, is like a Keurig for beer, and it’s awesome.

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Entrepreneurs Phil Petracca and David McDonald introduced their product to the country and the Sharks. The system is designed to give you that “fresh from the tap” pour using ultrasonic waves. For us non-science-minded people, basically it creates a microfoam to make your beer taste really yummy.

I love beer to begin with, especially those dark, malty beers, so if this system will help create that nitrogen effect, then I am so, so in.

Better yet, all you need are AAA batteries to operate the system, and you don’t have to worry about dumping your beer into another container. Just stick the whole can — up to a 64-ounce growler — right into the appliance, glass and all.

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I swear, I’m not getting paid or told by anyone to promote this product. I just really am that excited to give it a try.

It’s probably the coolest — in my humble opinion — product that’s debuted on Shark Tank in a long while. Petracca and McDonald, of course, got a deal with Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner. It looks like the Sharks (now investors) didn’t waste any time making these guys rich, either. You can already find Fizzics at Best Buy, Bed, Bath and Beyond, Target and more. It’s not necessarily cheap, either, at $169.99 for the system, which — if you compare it to a Keurig — really isn’t that bad.

As awesome as the product is, I was honestly surprised that Petracca and McDonald even went for a deal and didn’t just take the free publicity and run. The two had already raised $250k from crowdfunding, after all, plus they were very “slick,” as Barbara Corcoran said. They had the answers for all of the Sharks’ tough questions, and they understood the challenges ahead of them. But the additional investment was clearly a smart move and allowed them to expand the business into the biggest markets in America and beyond.

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I wouldn’t be surprised if these guys became one of the most successful Shark Tank stories in the show’s history.

Will you buy a Fizzics system for your home?


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