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Tyga’s money troubles could land Kylie Jenner in jail

Kylie Jenner has become so entwined in Tyga’s life that his financial issues may be seriously affecting her — she could even get arrested because of them.

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A Beverly Hills jeweler has sued Tyga for $200,000 over the unpaid purchase of a watch and chain in 2013. The jeweler’s legal team has ordered Jenner to show up in court to answer questions about Tyga’s finances, including where he got the money to give her a whole bunch of really lavish gifts.

What could make matters even worse is that one source close to Tyga told E! News that he and Jenner “share funds.” If they have a joint bank account, does that mean Jenner’s on the hook for paying Tyga’s debts?

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While the two have been dating, Tyga has infamously given Jenner a Ferrari and a Mercedes Maybach for consecutive birthdays — worth a combined total of about a quarter mil — and jury is still out on how much he paid for the absolutely massive diamond promise ring he gave her, but it couldn’t have been pocket change, that’s for sure. Meanwhile, he’s faced other lawsuits over unpaid debts — one judge ordered Tyga to pay $186,000 to a former landlord after he allegedly abandoned the property he was living in and trashed it. Just a few weeks after that, Tyga reached a settlement with a different landlord who claimed Tyga owed $480,285 after being evicted.

Jenner’s lawyers say she’s only being drawn into the mess because she obviously has money and can cover Tyga’s debts. “Going after the Kardashians is the only way he’ll get what he’s owed. Kylie is really upset about it,” one insider said about the dispute with Tyga’s jeweler.

Jenner has been ordered to appear in court by Oct. 6, and if she doesn’t, she’s already being threatened with a bench warrant, which could lead to her arrest.

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Are you surprised that Kyle Jenner is getting pulled into Tyga’s financial issues?

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