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Matt Lauer & Billy Bush’s made-up feud sparked a real one for Lauer’s boss

Well this is a bizarre turn of events in an already bizarre celebrity feud.

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When In Touch Weekly printed a story about an alleged feud between Matt Lauer and Today host Billy Bush, its editorial director, David Perel, probably didn’t expect to end up in a feud of his own.

Lauer’s former boss and Access Hollywood executive producer Rob Silverstein didn’t appreciate the feud story, and he thought it wasn’t true, mainly because it referred to Lauer and Bush calling each other “dude,” and, according to Silverstein, neither of them uses that word. It pissed him off enough to fire off an angry email to Perel, which Page Six claims to have seen.

Under the subject line “DUDE,” Page Six says Silverstein wrote, “Your entire story about Billy Bush and Matt Lauer is completely erroneous. DUDE!! None of that happened and you guys know this. DUDE! Your standards get lower every week. DUDE!”

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Perel’s response to the ridiculous email was probably appropriate: He says he was “bemused.” Still, that didn’t stop him from sending an email back, and making sure a silly email exchange would turn into an all-out feud.

“Hi DUDE, that’s hilarious coming from you .?.?. the bit about standards,” Perel wrote. “Glad to see you haven’t changed at all! Still totally in the dark, still winning friends with that legendary charm.”

Silverstein, meanwhile, is defending his actions, saying, “When I see a friend [Bush] being wronged, I’ll defend them.”

Perel responded with, “Not only was I bemused by the absurdity and idiocy of Rob’s emails, but I wondered, ‘Shouldn’t this guy be spending more time trying to catch up to the three syndicated entertainment shows that are kicking his butt in the ratings rather than indulging his anger?'”

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Do you think Rob Silverstein and David Perel will keep their feud going?

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