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Hey, emo kids: Here’s a fall playlist with all your fave emo acoustic songs

It’s officially fall, you guys. Now, most people say that means cooler weather, PSLs and curling up by the fire to read a good mystery novel. Nah, screw that. For some of us, nothing really changes. Some of us hate PSLs. Some of us live in the desert where even thinking about putting on boots and scarves is laughable. Some of us prefer music over books. And with that said, for some of us, fall means literally dusting off our Punk Goes Acoustic 2 CD, pushing it into our car’s CD player and singing (well, more like screaming) the lyrics to All Time Low’s “Jasey Rae.” Or how about The Spill Canvas? Is there really anything better than the acoustic version of “Staplegunned”?

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Fall means acoustic music and slow love-hate songs sung by whiny boys. So this one’s for all the ladies out there who definitely at one point made their Myspace or AIM status: “And I know that you’re a sucker for anything acoustic” (or any variation of that; thank you, Brand New).

This one’s for all the grown-ass adults who are still, deep down, an emo kid. Go ahead, put on your headphones and click play. Or sit in your car or in your living room so you can sing. Every. Single. Word. Until your voice gives.

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Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

Fall 2016 books slideshow
Image: Amazon

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