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The Voice fans are freaking out about Meghan Linsey’s new toned physique

Um, have you seen Meghan Linsey’s legs lately? Because they look absolutely incredible. So does the rest of her, TBH.

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The former contestant on The Voice has been focusing on herself quite a bit since leaving the show, hitting the gym and honing her diet as the face of Nutrisystem. She’s 25 pounds down now and looking happier than ever in an Instagram shot she posted from a Florida beach, rocking a tiny colorblock bikini.

“I am so happy about how I look and feel,” Linsey said. “Being 25 pounds thinner is exciting and I am having fun with clothes again. I just wrapped my Nutrisystem shoot and treated myself to some beach time.”

She continued, “I am working on a new record coming out soon and it’s amazing how much energy I have to put into my music since dropping the weight. I can’t wait to share all my new songs with my fans.”

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Linsey’s fans are taking note of her new physique. They took to Instagram to comment on her snap with tons of encouraging words.

“All I see is a beautiful and talented singer, enjoying a day at the beach!! And can we talk about those LEG!!!” one follower wrote. Another added, “Wow! Channeling a modern Marilyn!! You look amazing!”

Linsey, who was born in Louisiana, has also been raising money for the communities in her home state that were devastated by flooding this summer.

“I have decided that I can’t sit still any longer,” she wrote on Facebook. “I am getting a U-Haul and heading down to my hometown for a quick trip to drop off much needed items. The people there are facing complete devastation. They’ve lost EVERYTHING. Houses, cars, pets… etc. The animal shelters are also overrun and begging for supplies.”

Linsey’s GoFundMe for the cause has raised more than $13,000 so far.

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Are you surprised to hear about everything Meghan Linsey has been up to since leaving The Voice?

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