It’s sad that we have remind people that no, it’s not OK to body-shame Scheana Shay

By now, we all know that the internet is not always a kind place — in fact, a lot of times it can be downright hateful.

When you’re a public figure — like a reality star or musician, for instance — you probably develop a thicker skin when it comes to hateful comments on Twitter and Instagram. But, let’s be real, being body-shamed hurts no matter who you are.

And Vanderpump Rules‘ Scheana Shay isn’t taking it anymore.

In a recent Instagram pic of her hawking Hydroxycut, Shay disabled the comments section for the post — and her decision most likely stems from rude skinny-shaming comments made on other recent photos of hers.

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“Eat something your booty and boobs ask this of you,” someone commented on this photo:

While another video was riddled with horrible comments like, “Hunny I love ya but eat you need a cheeseburger or two. Come to my house and I’ll take feed ya,” “Omg get some food,” “I like you, but honey you got too think, please put on about 10 lbs. your such a lovely young women and brave,” “I agree, she is a doll but getting too skinny,” “In all the past seasons of VR you’ve never been this thin so saying ur a naturally thin person isnt true,” and “Your way to skinny ! Not to judge but u look like u are sick . Js.”

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I’m gonna throw this out there, Instagram haters, but if you preface a rude comment with “I like you, but…” it’s still inappropriate. Just sayin’.

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The body-shaming was so bad on another bikini picture that she disabled the comments on that post as well.

Before disabling the comments on her pictures, Shay was fighting back against the shamers in some comment threads, trying to explain that she doesn’t need to “eat a burger” or gain any weight… but should she even have to attempt to explain herself?

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We should just know by now that it’s never OK to make unsolicited judgments on another person’s body in a public forum. Ever.

Do you think Shay was right to disable the comments on her Instagram posts?

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