Bringing Up Bates is the most genuine reality show on television

Sep 23, 2016 at 12:40 a.m. ET
Image: UPtv

Bringing Up Bates has a way of just making you feel better about the world.

The teamwork the Bates family has extends well beyond the basketball court we saw tonight when the boys played at a sports camp.

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My family is a family of five, with three girls including me, the oldest. I know growing up with just three of us sometimes, even then, it was easy to feel lost in the shuffle or overlooked and excluded. I can only imagine that in a family of 19, hurt feelings due to exclusion are rampant.

But that seems to be far from the case. Each family member is valued and unique in their own ways that allow for them to have their own time to shine.

During tonight's episode, it was Isaiah Bates' time in the spotlight, and Kelly Jo Bates put it best, "Isaiah probably shocked me the most because he doesn't play [basketball] as much as, like, Warden or Trace at home. They're the ones that're out there playing, real competitive. But Isaiah, I don't picture him being aggressive and just being go get 'em, and it's been every game just like, 'Give me that ball,' you know? That's not my little Isaiah!"

The other boys, but especially Carlin, were so excited for Isaiah when he got the trophy at the end of the game.

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The show, of course, summed it all up with some corny lines about family and teamwork.

"You know, we may not have played on organized sports growing up, but the truth is we're all one big team," Lawson said.

"Hey, my family's the biggest team I know," Nathan added.

But here's the thing, with just about any other reality show, I would say the family was trying a little too hard to make a point out of the basketball game, but with the Bates family it's different. They genuinely value and understand the meaning of these experiences for the family. They recognize those little moments that mean so much. Instead of making me roll my eyes, those quotes about the Bates family as a team give me so many good feels.

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Guys, there's hope for this world.

Do you think the Bates family is the most genuine family in reality television?

PS. Erin and Chad, you guys need to get that dog otherwise I'm making a trip to Tennessee!

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