Mia Farrow is no stranger to tragedy, as these life events prove

Mia Farrow’s son Thaddeus died of severe injuries after being found in his car in Connecticut this week, and the tragedy is just one of many that have befallen the actress. Farrow’s life has been marked by more drama than her movies.

Tragic deaths

Farrow is no stranger to grief. Her brother Michael died in a 1958 plane crash at just 19 years old; brother Patrick committed suicide in 2009.

Farrow has 14 children, only 11 of whom are still living. Daughter Tam Farrow died at 19 of a heart ailment. On Christmas Day 2009, 35-year-old daughter Lark Farrow died at of an undisclosed illness, leaving behind four children. The details surrounding Thaddeus’ death are still sketchy, but a report from TMZ claims he suffered a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the abdomen.

Farrow herself almost didn’t make it into the double digits. She contracted polio at 9 years old and was kept in isolation for three weeks, calling it “the end of my childhood.”

Marriages and relationships

Farrow wed Frank Sinatra in 1966 when she was just 21 to his 51 years. He wanted her to give up her acting career, to which she originally agreed (never do that, ladies). Quickly finding herself bored, she signed on to do Rosemary’s Baby. Sinatra had her served with divorce papers on set.

Farrow wed composer André Previn in 1970 while pregnant with their twin boys. At the time their relationship began, Previn was married to songwriter Dory Previn, who later wrote the scathing song “Beware of Young Girls” about Farrow. Previn and Farrow divorced in 1979, the same year she began her relationship with Woody Allen.

In 1992, Farrow abruptly ended her relationship with Allen when she discovered he was having a sexual relationship with her 21-year-old daughter, Soon-Yi Previn. Allen and Previn wed in 1997.

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Abuse allegations

After her split from Allen, Farrow alleged that he sexually abused daughter Dylan. The director denied the allegations and sued Farrow for full custody of the children they had adopted together. A doctor testified that he believed the allegations were planted in Dylan’s mind by Farrow, although he never interviewed the girl himself. The judge disagreed, denying Allen both custody and visitation. Dylan continues to assert that Allen molested her, while Allen continues to deny it.

In 2014, following an open letter from Dylan in The New York Times reaffirming the allegations, Farrow’s son Moses alleged that Farrow had physically abused him and coached her children to believe the stories he says she made up about Allen.

Undeterred by the misfortune she has experienced, Farrow continues to work. She last appeared on the stage in a 2014 production of Love Letters and campaigns against human rights violations across the world.

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