5 reasons we're so sad to lose Mary Berry from The Great British Bake Off

Sep 22, 2016 at 1:30 p.m. ET
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We haven't even got over Mel and Sue leaving The Great British Bake Off, and now we've been fit with even more bad news. Mary Berry is leaving too, hanging up her judging cap when the smash hit reality TV baking competition moves from the BBC to Channel 4.

In a statement, 81-year-old Berry praised the BBC for nurturing both her and the show, which she praised for its "unique and brilliant format from day one". She also said she felt sad for the show's loyal audience (some 10 million U.K. viewers and millions more worldwide) and warned that they "may not be ready for change".

Berry, you're absolutely right. We are most definitely not ready for change. In fact, this pretty much sums up how we're feeling in the wake of all this GBBO heartache.


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Mel, Sue, Berry and fellow judge Paul Hollywood were the perfect GBBO combination. With only Hollywood making the move to Channel 4, who knows whether the producers will be able to re-create that chemistry? Let's hope so. But first, let's celebrate five of the ways Berry made Bake Off so special.

1. Soggy bottoms all around

Ah, Berry and her soggy bottoms. It was her most famous sign of disapproval when discovering an undercooked pastry. She even used it in her farewell statement, signing off with, "Farewell to soggy bottoms". Sob.


2. Nudge, nudge, wink, wink

You won't find a classier lady than Berry, but somehow she manages to turn everything into a sexual innuendo. Some of her gems include "Oh no, you have some irregular-shaped balls" (when criticising dough balls); "I've got the taste of nuts coming through" (from a Victoria sponge); "It's all in the wrist action" (giving tips for mixing flour, milk and butter); and "There it is, looking perfectly stiff" (when examining a bowl of whisked egg). Genius.


3. Boozy baking

Berry knows that booze and cake can be a match made in heaven. After tasting 2014 finalist Luis Troyano's rum-laced doughnuts, she pulled a delighted face and said, "I mean, why are we bothering with the doughnuts?"


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4. Putting Paul Hollywood in his place

In the first episode of the current series, Hollywood committed a cardinal sin. He dunked a Jaffa Cake in his tea before eating it. This did not go down well with Berry, who deadpanned, "We don't do that in the south, you know".


5. Showing her softer side

Our absolute favourite moment in GBBO history (yes, more than the soggy bottoms and sexual innuendos) was when Berry teared up after Nadiya Hussain won the show in 2015.


Mary Berry, GBBO won't be the same without you.

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