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Shannon Beador truly believes her mother-in-law is sabotaging her on RHOC

Shannon Beador and her husband David have managed to work past his affair, and their marriage appears to be in a good place — which is why the recent actions of his mother, Donna, are so awful.

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The couple has moved on, and we can only imagine that the last thing in the world they’d want is for someone to bring up the past and all David’s indiscretions. But that’s exactly what Donna did during Monday’s episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County.

“He’s a wonderful guy,” Donna told the couple’s daughters during a concert, adding, “He made one mistake. And she pushed him. But I’m sure he regrets it now.”

But she didn’t just bring up the affair. She also accused Shannon of being the one who caused it, telling Real Housewives stars Tamra Judge and Kelly Dodd that she thought David was justified in cheating.

Dodd relayed the message to Shannon, who was visibly upset by the accusation and confronted David. “I didn’t push you to anything,” she screamed. “Are you fucking kidding me? I’m fucking done.”


Shannon and her mother-in-law have a tense relationship, something which Shannon confessed to viewers. She said, “David’s mother doesn’t like me. David gave his mother a lot of attention when he wasn’t married and I was taking him away from her.” Of course, Donna thinks it’s the other way around, and she told Dodd and Judge that Shannon hates her guts. But regardless of how these two women feel about each other, we can probably all agree that these affair accusations went a step too far.

Shannon also took to Twitter to address the altercation, telling fans that Donna had planned to cause problems between her and David.

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Some viewers are disgusted by Donna’s behavior and have questioned why she would do such a thing.

While others feel the whole encounter could have been staged by Bravo.

Were you surprised by Donna blaming David’s affair on Shannon? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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