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American Horror Story: Roanoke — where’s Lady Gaga?

Turns out Lady Gaga has quite the transformation in American Horror Story: Roanoke — now it would be nice if she actually had some character development and lines.

I know, I know, patience is a virtue, but I absolutely fell head over heels in love with Gaga on AHS: Hotel, so I’m absolutely itching to see what she’ll do in this season. So far, it hasn’t been much.

What we do know: Her sexy vampire days are over, and she’s all about purifying some sinners.

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Gaga isn’t alone in her mystery either. Roanoke has been all about the unknown so far, harkening back to Season 1’s “Murder House.” I honestly have no idea what’s going on this season or where Ryan Murphy could possibly be taking things. All I know is that I would get the hell out of that house whether or not the bank would give me back my money.

In an interview with Variety, Sarah Paulson, who plays Shelby Miller this season, teased a big reveal would be coming midseason.

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“I know something, and I can’t tell you!” she said. “I have to tease you like that, because you’re going to go, ‘What?’ It’s not necessarily connected, but something’s happening. Something’s happening that people are going to go nuts for. They’re going to go nutty bobo nut town.”

Oh, thank God. Because I’m not gonna lie, after two episodes I was thinking maybe this whole season was just going to be a way for Murphy to pay homage to other horror classics, like The Blair Witch Project.

At least, thanks to this interview, I know my confusion is to be expected and that I’m also not alone. That gives me hope. Especially since, after tonight’s episode of the show, I’m going to have a lot of trouble sleeping.

Gaga isn’t the only American Horror Story favorite to be missing this season. We still haven’t seen Evan Peters, Matt Bomer or Cheyenne Jackson yet. I also still haven’t given up hope that Jessica Lange will make a surprise appearance.

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Hey, a girl can dream.

And by that, I mean hopefully I will get to dream nice dreams tonight, since I’m still quaking from that pig head and Denis O’Hare’s creepy home movie.

How do you think Lady Gaga’s character will factor into this season of American Horror Story?

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